Frequently Asked Questions

At Alex MediaTech, we always act with integrity and transparency. We think it should be simple and easy to operate with a digital marketing agency, and you should never be confused about how we do things.

We've compiled this list of commonly asked questions as a result. It's intended to provide you with more information about the services we provide, the time and financial costs involved, and what to anticipate from us:

What services do we offer?

We are a comprehensive agency for digital marketing in Bhopal. SEO, Video Production, PPC & Biddable Social Media, Digital Strategy, Content Marketing, and Data & Analytics are some of the services we offer.

We have customizable digital marketing packages to meet all of your company's needs. We can also concentrate on any one of our offerings as a stand-alone offering, such as social media or PPC.

As an alternative, we also provide an integrated digital marketing service that combines all or a few of our services in a thoughtful manner to produce the greatest outcomes. This page contains information on our complete digital marketing service.

Why should I choose Alex MediaTech instead of hiring someone in-house for my business?

Unlike an employee with general knowledge of digital marketing, each member of our team of 32 digital professionals is a certified specialist with years of expertise in their specific field.

When it comes to SEO, PPC & Paid Media, Content Marketing, Digital Strategy, and Data & Analytics, our specialists are industry leaders.

Our team members collaborate among themselves with the assistance of a Digital Strategy specialist to ensure that all of your digital channels function as a cohesive unit and provide greater results for you.

We prefer to view ourselves as an extension of your team, providing expertise that cannot be replicated internally. Sign up with us to be convinced that we’re the best digital marketing company in Bhopal.

Why should I choose Alex MediaTech over another agency?

We have stayed in our own path ever since we began in 2017. We've concentrated on expanding and improving our digital marketing services rather than diluting it with ancillary services like print media and television.

We are, therefore, up to speed with the industry and are true specialists in our sector.

Many larger, full-service companies are unable to match the unparalleled digital marketing solution that we can provide you given our ability to think a step ahead of AI’s offerings.

We may propose a variety of reputable, specialized partner agencies for the services we do not offer. If dealing with a single agency is more your style, we can handle this arrangement for you.

Are there any hidden costs?

No, Alex MediaTech never imposes any hidden fees. All of our work is included in the predetermined monthly retainer.

That being said, you will have to pay for any additional media spend, including Facebook, Microsoft, and Google ads. We charge this in addition to our management fee.

Who will manage my account?

As your primary point of contact on a daily basis, your account will be managed by a dedicated team member.

A member of our client strategy team may also be in touch with you, and they will collaborate with you on your entire digital marketing plan.

Other experts will contribute to your account based on the project, focusing on PPC, Social Media, or Content Marketing, among other areas. We are always very front and honest about who is doing what, about every one of our experts working with us.

What’s the work delivery process?

We'll set up a kick-off meeting for you and your team once you begin working with us.

We have the chance to gather all the information required to create our initial six-month digital marketing strategy at this meeting.

This plan will specify our delivery schedule and content. It's a detailed plan that tells you what will be delivered throughout the course of the project and when to expect it.

We revise and update this approach at least once every six months to keep you informed about when to expect deliverables from us.

How will I know how my business is performing?

Every month, we offer customized performance dashboards and reports that contain all the indicators that matter to you.

When going over these reports with you, your account manager will take the time to go over all the information, performance indicators, and work that has been done.

To make sure we follow the project's broader effects, we could ask for more information. Combining your and our data allows us to show the true impact of our work, since the digital data we supply often only tells part of the story of how our project is helping your company.