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Web design is not just looking good, it's much more than that. It involves the perfect planning, conceptualising and arranging content on a website. Designs are the attraction that leads your users to stay on the page without jumping back. We create your web designs keeping in mind that innovation is the key. Our custom web design agency knows your goals and helps you achieve them using the digital space. Alexmedia Tech is a highly experienced web design company offering custom web design services and responsive web designs.

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Our Web Design Services

Custom Web Design

We have a holistic approach for all your web design needs. Beautiful and intuitive websites always improve your business. Our custom web design services help you convey your brand’s message and build your customers' trust. Our team of experts ensures that your content remains highly appealing, it is visually speaking and perfectly designed. Custom website design always makes your brand stand out by building your unique online identity.

Responsive Web Design

Internet traffic mainly comes from mobile devices. Responsive website design is the centre point if you want to grow your business. Our responsive design generates sales, leads and more traffic. Whether you are in search of transferring your website into a responsive one or planning to build one responsive website, we provide you with affordable solutions. The visitors will get consistent visual experience with our best responsive web designs.

E-commerce Web Design

We provide unparalleled Ecommerce web design services to cater all unique requirements of the businesses. We are experienced in creating visually appealing and also creative E-commerce website designs that are very easy to use for visitors. We design and develop with a goal to drive more engagement and maximise your sales to enhance your brand growth. We keep in mind your customers' perspective of your brand and that helps us create Ecommerce web designs which outshine you among your competitors.

Website Maintenance and Support

Websites require continuous maintenance and support. After we design and develop your website, we don’t just stop. We provide you with complete maintenance and support further required. We make sure that your website is up to date and functioning properly. Our in-house team always makes sure that your website runs safely and optimally by saving you time. We always monitor everything after our development and that is an added benefit for your website.

Why Hire a Professional Web Design Company?

  • High Conversion Rate

First impressions always make the final decision. It plays a vital role in shaping your customers overall opinion about your business. If you have a good website, you indirectly have a good first impression on your customers or website visitors. All the elements like CTA, optimized user experience and appealing designs will be there in our web designs. 

  • Optimised User Experience

When the customers easily access the required information, they will take the action you want them to take. Poor user experience generally doesn't provide the required blow to your business. With professional web design services, visitors get the best user experience possible.

  • Improve Search Engine Visibility

If your website doesn't rank on the first page of search results, there are chances of losing customers. While designing a website, we always keep the SEO factor in mind. If your site’s structure is optimised, nothing can stop you from ranking higher and getting more conversions along with organic traffic. 

  • Unique Brand Identity

Your website is a very powerful tool to communicate. It helps your brand identity to communicate with your target audience. We focus on elements like logo, typography and messaging. A clear, consistent and appealing website will help you to get prospective customers. We always make the layouts based on our clients' brand identity.

Our Web Design Process

  1. Define your website’s Goal: Our first step is always knowing the goal of our client’s business. We analyse your target market and your customers. The next question we answer to ourselves is what is the ultimate goal of your website? Our teams become actionable after getting answers from such questions.
  2. Plan Design Strategy: The next step we take is planning a best design strategy. We generally spend a good amount of time at this stage. Planning is critical for the success of web design. Our planning involves creating a sitemap, strategy for SEO, content review and development. We only start when our strategies are ready to perform. 
  3. Design and Develop: At this stage, we transform your planned strategy into a best website. We make sure that all of your design elements influence your website design. We provide perfect visual direction to your website. We also make sure that it is responsive and it provides the best user experience. Along with visual appeals, we make sure the website works seamlessly.  
  4. Test Website: We always check the complete functionality of the website whether it is easy to use in terms of functionality. We ensure that there is no issue while browsing. We undergo deep testing analysis to find any type of issues or bugs before we launch. We perform all tests regarding compatibility, usability, functionality, security and performance. 
  5. Launch and Maintain: Once we complete the testing process and you are ready to go, then we launch it. Launch is the last stage where we transfer your website to a permanent server. We then maintain the same. We always make sure that the site is up-to-date and we monitor the performance of your website.

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Alex Mediatech will help you grow and get your maximum potential online in no time. We have the best web designers who have expertise and passion which is perfect for web design. We always adapt to the latest industry standards having a personalised approach for your website design. We always make sure that our web design services help you meet your vision and goal.

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